Becoming A Good Author

1. Write a lot everyday as this would improve your writing skills

2.Read a lot as constant reading positively influences your style, taste, background and ideas. Reading would help you determine what is good writing and what is not when analyzing articles. Make it a point to read a lot on historical and contemporary authors as such authors often write a lot with different styles.

3.Expand your vocabulary by reading daily newspapers as well as online news. Purchase a reliable dictionary and thesaurus to help you understand the meanings of difficult words or phrases.

4. Arrange to meet a good writer to share ideas and learn some tricks. As much as possible try to attend forums and seminars to improve your chances of learning from different authors.

5.Make use of good grammar as it would be instrumental in deciphering whether a sentence is graceful and translucent in comparison to one that is ambiguous and awkward.

6. Buy two note books of which one would be a "vocabulary both" and the latter an "inspirational book". In the latter write down bits and pieces of your daily life such as an advice from a friend etc.

7.Join the online or neighborhood writing group

8.Brainstorm before starting to write. Start with the main idea when beginning so as to get the main body of your story written down.

9.Be specific and avoid over generalizing or vagueness. 

10.Tailor your writing to your purpose and audience. Just as your change your clothing for an occasion or weather, so must you write depending on the setting of the main idea.


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