Every Christian must be a reader


Every Christian must be a reader
1. Read for intellectual growth.You will develop your mind greatly as you read. Many minds need some more development.

2. Read for spiritual growth.As you read, you will find out that your spirit is affected greatly by the written Word of God. You must have communion with other great leaders through their books.

3. Read to develop a preaching and teaching style.You will definitely pick up some tips as you read from the messages of great men.

4. Read to improve your language.
Whether you speak English or French, reading always improves your language. The best way to learn the English language is to read English books.

5. Read to have fellowship with great minds and great people.Reading is a form of private interaction between yourself and another person. You can receive an anointing as you read a book.

6. Read in order to learn how to write.You may write a book one day. You will have to write letters to people. Learn how to write by reading.

7. Read to acquire new information.Most people think that acquiring new information is the only reason why you should read a book. But this is only one of many reasons why you should be a reader. Ignorance is one of the greatest enemies of mankind. If you do not read, your ignorance is self-inflicted and inexcusable.

8. Read to develop your leadership abilities.Anyone who spends more money on books than on food and clothes is destined for leadership.

9. Read because a person who does not read is no better than a person who cannot read.

10. Read so that you will be in the top twenty per cent of society.Do you know that the top twenty percent of every society buys all books? Join the top twenty percent of society today and be a winner and a leader.

 Note from Author Bishop Dag Heward Mills

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