Top Ten Books on the Cross


1. Take Up Your Cross

-Bishop Dag Heward-Mills

2. Follow Me: A Call to Die. A Call to live
-David Platt

3.The Cross of Christ

-John Stott

4. The Cross He Bore

- Frederick Leahy


5. Living The Cross Centered Life
- C.J Mahaney


6. The Truth of The Cross

-R.C. Sproul

7. Losing, Suffering, Sacrificing and Dying
-Bishop Dag Heward Mills

8. The Cross: God's Way of Salvation

-Martyn Lloyd-Jones

9. Pierced for Our Transgressions: Rediscovering the Glory of Penal Substitution

- Steve Jeffery, Michael Ovey, Andrew Sach, and John Piper


10.In my place condemned He stood; celebrating the glory of the atonement

- J.I. Packer, Mark Dever and J.Ligon Duncan